Pellet Bag Slaughtering Knife

Finally finished this commission that’s been in progress awhile: a kosher-slaughtering-style knife for ritual sacrifice of wood-pellet bags. Imagine holding a large wood pellet bag in a headlock against your chest and sort of cutting its throat (or perhaps gut) to spill all the contents into the pellet stove hopper. Purpose-driven design. 🙂 With sacrifice-traditional ram’s horn scales over ruby red G10 liners. First use of flared tubes. Blade is 5+” of differentially hardened 1084.

(pix before sheath/edge)

1st Au-Kephart in 1084

The first Au-Kephart wearing its @beckerknifeandtool #bk62 cousin’s scales (pictured nekkid above!). This is 1084 at 59-60Rc, heat-treat finish, hardened 1/3 up the tang. It came out a touch thicker than the model, but same overall geometry and balance. With hidden lanyard hole. Very pleasing heft. Possible modifications for the next version include making the handle sliiiighly less tall and reducing blade length by 0.75-1.0″ for better tip access and control. 1084? A2? AEB-L?

Update: curly koa scales added!