Welcome to Gold Knifeworks


Greetings, and welcome to Gold Knifeworks custom knives, and home of the Birudashi! Please check out the Gallery and Summary pages from the top menu.

@goldknifeworks on Instagram

If you’re reading this on mobile, main pages are under the top menu, and category links are at the bottom of the page.

Most knives are made 100% by me, by hand, in the USA, using both stock removal and forging methods. The one exception is some kiridashi blanks have been cut by water jet, and more may be in the future. Typically I only forge reclaimed material.

Gold Knifeworks (formerly “Crosstown Outdoors”) is the name under which I brand my line of knives. The “Au” and “Au USA” logos and their variations are my trademark, designed by David Shepherd, which I began using in August, 2015. “Au” is the symbol for gold, my last name, from the periodic table of elements.

I learned knife-making under a friend, whom I’ll refer to as “Rock’n’Roll Knife & Tool” or “Mr. M.” until he decides to publish his own work. We heat-treat using kiln/plate/sub-zero and propane-forge/oil methods as appropriate.

Currently I will only be making my own designs for sale, or modest variations thereof. Contact me if you are interested in my knives. I am doing this part-time, so the production rate is modest.

Contact and available work:

My books are currently closed to new orders. I will occasionally have un-commissioned work available for sale, which will be listed here (see category on sidebar) and on the mailing list.

URE Outfitters and Hack & Livery in Hope Valley, RI consign blades for me locally. Message me or call them directly for currently available work.

Very pleased to have won an Honorable Mention in my very first juried public show at a local art association:
SCAA 2020 Annual Members Exhibit Results Video

Join my super low-traffic mailing list by sending a blank message to announce-subscribe at goldknifeworks dot com.

Contact me via email to my first name @ goldknifeworks.com, PM to Daizee on bladeforums.com, or @goldknifeworks on Instagram.


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