85% Ghost Hiker in 1084 & Oak

Aldo’s 1084, ~0.135″
2.85″ blade
6.8″ OAL
Entire knife at 1000grit.
Figured Oak scales, 1/8″ brass pins

Thanks to Tiiiiim and KFU for turning me onto the possibilities of white oak.

This one is for me. I’m gonna patina the hell out of it from use and it’s gonna look great. This is one of my favorite EDC models.

The sheath turned out well too – The Hiker is fairly easy to squeeze kyex for because of the relatively straight spine.

Dark Mountain Sliver, 100%

This knife is a slimmed version of the Mountain Knife pattern executed at 100% scale in Aldo’s 1084, at ~0.135″. The original Mountain knife concept calls for 5/32″ in this size, but I have slimmed the pattern from top to bottom to produce this somewhat more elegant little blade. The shorter height (spine to edge) requires slightly thinner stock to retain the intended bevel geometry consistent with the original concept. I left the pre-sharpened edge a bit thicker than usual in keeping with the Mountain knife theme, and given it a stronger, steeper edge which might get raised in the future by me or the eventual owner.

This is a wicked little blade with a ‘down from the mountains into town’ feel. The black linen micarta scales are cut from a 3/16″ sheet which keeps the entire package trim overall.

Blade: 3.4″
OAL: 7.4″

With it’s big brother: