Pair of Birudashi

Here are a couple interesting #birudashi just off the bench: one new prototype Birucandashi in AEB-L, and one hand-forged “traditional” Mini-birudashi from a small slice of an E/V Nautilus rudder bearing. The Birucandashi is fully tapered for lifting can pop-tabs like a bartender’s tool, and can open bottles with the lighter/lever technique. Why not simply taper the traditional cap-lifter? Because it would shred your pocket and be an injury risk! Looks like i have some “testing” ahead of me. 😃

Mini-birudashi test in Nautilus Bearing Steel

A quiet posting about the first blade made from parts of the E/V Nautilus’s rudder bearing (replaced in 2013). Pictures below include thermocycling and break-tests for grain refinement. Marked with the Nautilus’s IMO registration number. 😀 A longer history of the saga to be posted later…