Neck Knife Experiment, take: 2

3/32″ O1
2.4″ blade
1000grit on the flats
belt-finish on the chisel-ground bevel
1/8″ black/orange G10 scales, belt chamfered
retention divot for the sheath

This is the second of at least 3 quick-finish neck knife experiments, simplified by size, design, and finish.

Picnic Knife, 154-CM and G10

This is another variation of my paring knife pattern, rendered a bit over-thick in 154-CM. It’s got just enough more beef to it to take outside, and a lanyard hole to match. Perfect for a picnic or lunch on a day hike.

3.4″ blade @ 1000grit
Black G10 scales @ 360grit for grip
5/32″ stainless pins

It’s hard to take pictures of things both very bright and very dark at the same time…

report from the field

My buddy Jim, owner of the first hunting knife to leave Daizee Ranch (the ivory micarta one), put it to use for the first time this week on a 20lb wild turkey!
I’m a proud papa. 🙂

“My neighbor told me that plucking feathers was a miserable job, so I skinned the bird. That too was miserable, and will pluck next time. Where this knife excels, however, is taking joints apart. It is both sharp AND strong. Goes through joints like a buzz-saw!”

Work has been all-consuming, complete with travel. Hopefully some new stuff will start showing up here soon…