American Leuku

The knife you pick when you can’t decide between an axe and a blade. 7″ of 0.200″ 1084, hickory axe handle handle, micarta bolster. Belt finished. It’s working title was “American Leuku”:


115% Moose Mountain 5

This is a burly 5″ version of the Mountain Knife in 0.200″ 1084 with double-black linen micarta over toxic green G10. Loved the handle on this one.

camp knife in A2 and bushcraft sheath

The first of the big 5″ outdoors knives.
I call this one the “Misty Mountain 5″, but this is not a catalog item… Gotta log the pix somewhere to keep track of ’em, so here they are:
5″x1.5″ blade, 5/32” A2, natural/brownish canvas micarta, kydex and leather ambidextrous bushcraft drop-loop sheath.

(pix were before edge, but it’s sharp now, lemme tell ya)

115% Mountain Knife in O1 and OD micarta

This is the third full-size Mountain Knife in the series.

blade: 3/16″ O1, nominal 4″ (3.9″ actual) length @1000 grit
OD green micarta scales with 3/16″ brass pins at 360grit
Oven foil & oil heat treat, triple tempered

The pommel is ever so slightly crowned in case a little whacking or chiseling (on/with wood, please) needs to be done.
Sheath is 0.09″ kydex with large and small tek-lok compatible holes.