3-Muk in 154CM and white oak

This is a first of a new pattern for me. So easy to find ugly versions, so it’s a bit of a risk but I like out it turned out. This was inspired by one of J. Oeser’s gorgeous nessmuks.

I call this the ‘Daizee 3-Muk’.

0.140″ thick 154CM with a high flat grind on a 2.95″ blade.
4.25″ handle with natural slightly curly white oak over orange G10 with brass tubes.

Finish is a working 360 grit all around with the nose at 1000.

I’d hoped for more figure to come through in the oak, but the shaping hid the wavies and brought out some other highlights instead. This knife has a wonderful heft and gives a fantastic sweeping cut for a compact blade. Should be a great skinner.