Bird and Trout in O1 and White Oak

Consigned with URE Outfitters in Hope Valley

Bird & Trout in 1/8″ O1. A classic pattern in a classic steel, with subtly figured natural white oak over black G10 liners on an aggressively tapered tang. I liked Jeremy’s handle combo so much that i had to do it again. One of the closest to neutrally balanced full-tang B&T’s you’ll find.

Picnic Knife, 154-CM and G10

This is another variation of my paring knife pattern, rendered a bit over-thick in 154-CM. It’s got just enough more beef to it to take outside, and a lanyard hole to match. Perfect for a picnic or lunch on a day hike.

3.4″ blade @ 1000grit
Black G10 scales @ 360grit for grip
5/32″ stainless pins

It’s hard to take pictures of things both very bright and very dark at the same time…