Hand-forged Truck Spring AuK5

Available: $220

Finished this one in the spring, but never got around to posting:

AuK5 5.063″ hand-forged from truck coil spring in quench-finish, 0.164″ thick at spine, tapered tang, wearing natural Ka-Bar micarta scales, no sheath,60-61Rc. I *love* this steel.
Fits Ka-Bar nylon “Tweener” (Becker Shorts) sheath perfectly, available separately from Ka-Bar.

Cliphart in 1084 and micarta

Consigned @ureoutfitters ($225, I believe)

If you research the apocryphal bushcraft legends, you learn that Kephart had a lesser-known brother. This brother had some unresolved anger issues. A Cain to Horace’s Abel, if you will. Well, this brother couldn’t leave a good thing alone, and while he could not argue with the sheer utility of his brother’s famous, peaceful knife… well… some stories are better told in pictures… Meet the #Cliphart! Derived from the AuK4, this piece has exactly the same geometries as its classic sibling, including the extended ricasso and hidden lanyard hole, but with a somewhat sleeker nose. Wearing dyed BK-62 accessory scales from Ka-Bar:

~4.675″ of 0.125″ thick 1084 with a quench finish at 60-61Rc.

Quarantine Knife Sale!

Quarantine sale!

Great selection of pieces available (so much for a summer show)! Be prepared for summer outings when we can outing again! Directions and details below the image:


  1. The original AuK5 in 1084 with curly koa scales (no sheath). This blade is VERY similar in dimensions to a BK-62. Slightly stronger at the edge, not overground at the spine, slightly more ricasso (i.e. any), and hidden lanyard hole. NO SHEATH. This blade will fit a BK-62 factory sheath, but may stretch it out a bit. Will fit a factory Becker Tweener(Short) nylon sheath perfectly. $220
  2. Harpoon Hunter Utility in AEB-L. Excellent all-around outdoors belt knife with a little attitude. SOLD
  3. The one and only AuK3 EDC in A2 with burlap scales in a new, molded-to-fit BHK leather sheath. $180
  4. One Birucandashi EDC in AEB-L. If you work in retail or a stockroom, and drink beer (not on the job presumably), you need this. $90


If you are interested and want to be on the list for one of these blades or have questions about details, please email me: ethan at goldknifeworks dot com, DM me on Instagram(@goldknifeworks), or PM me on bladeforums(@daizee).

10% discount for First Responders and Active Medical Professionals!
10% discount extended to all ‘deemed-essential’ personnel who are out there facing the public! I’m looking at you, food chain heros and deliverators!
Add $5 for insured CONUS shipping (about half actual cost).
18 years or older only, of course. I will request to see ID if in doubt.

Sales generally go right back into the materials and shop expenses, which includes ordering supplies from other small businesses in the industry.

Birucandashi in AEB-L

Here’s another of my favorite EDC’s, same as I carry: a Birucandashi in AEB-L.
As craft beer has moved to cans, so has the Birudashi evolved a new sub-species optimized to match. The tapered tail neatly lifts a pop top, and also is effective on bottle caps using the lighter/lever method. For you bushcrafters, the sides of the bevel throw wicked sparks on a ferro rod.

1st Au-Kephart in 1084

The first Au-Kephart wearing its @beckerknifeandtool #bk62 cousin’s scales (pictured nekkid above!). This is 1084 at 59-60Rc, heat-treat finish, hardened 1/3 up the tang. It came out a touch thicker than the model, but same overall geometry and balance. With hidden lanyard hole. Very pleasing heft. Possible modifications for the next version include making the handle sliiiighly less tall and reducing blade length by 0.75-1.0″ for better tip access and control. 1084? A2? AEB-L?

Update: curly koa scales added!