90% EDC Hunter in O1 and Yellowjacket G10

This little yellowjacket is a first prototype of a slight variation on my normal hunter profile.
I liked the 90% scale so much on Thrillbilly’s knife that I had to have one at the same size.

Steel is 1/8" O1 with a high flat grind, reasonably thin before the edge. It notches REALLY well.
Blade is 2.8" long @ 1000grit
OAL is 6.4"
Scales are black/yellow G10.

The scales came thinner than I’d expected, and as a result the handle profile is flatter than I wanted. However, it’s still a handle little knife, and compact. I left the little matching yellow patches in the middle for kicks – maybe they’ll get sanded off later.

After some frustrations with the edge on another blade, it was a real pleasure to put a wicked edge on this one really fast.

Another Cutting Board

This little one is overdue. I needed something small for quick stuff like cheese, an apple etc. It had to be small enough to wash quickly, not be unwieldy in the dishrack, and have a permanent storage spot that won’t let stuff be stacked on it etc.

This time it’s Walnut and Cherry.
The natural pinks and lavenders in the woods darken considerably with oil:

A Matched Pair

Here is a matched pair of blades.


100% Hiker: 1/8″ A2, 3.4″ blade, 3/16″ brass pins
Paring Knife: 3/32″ A2, 3.4″ blade, 1/8″ brass pins

Handles are black linen micarta over emerald green dymondwood – the only attractive green I could find, but it was gonna look funky as an entire handle.

A year ago I tried to design a paring knife and ended up with the Hiker. Then I scaled the drawing from spine-to-edge to get what I was after, so these are indeed related quite closely.