Summary of the line

My sporting knives are designed to be practical, everyday knives. The basic 100% models have just enough handle to fill the average male hand, and a strong 3″-3.5″ blade. Each model is available in 3 sizes, most frequently 85%, 100%, and 115%.

Blade length is measured from tip to front-of-handle, as is the ABS standard and the most conservative measurement for legal purposes. I live in a 3″ max carry state, so this is a hard number. Blades close to 3″ or 4″ will be NO LONGER so that you may be confident in matching the knife to your local regulations.

100%-size blades are mostly 1/8″ thick except for the mountain and paring knives. Ideally the 85% models are 3/32 and the 115% 5/32, but since steel is not as readily available in these thicknesses, there are variations.

Thoughts on sizing
The 100% scale knives are meant to offer a full-size, yet streamlined handle for the average size male hand. In a smaller hand, or an average female hand, for instance, these will feel like substantial kinves. They are designed to be big enough for most intended field chores, yet compact enough to carry everywhere.

The 85% scaled versions in a smaller hand should feel like the 100% size in an average hand. These can be excellent understudy EDCs for the larger models, or a perfect full-size knife for a user with smaller mitts.

The 115% knives offer a lot of handle, and if your hands are very big these will fit you snugly, but should also be comfortable to the average user. In small hands these may be cumbersome.

My hope is that users of any stature or gender should be able to find a knife in the line that FITS them and their purpose rather than trying to fit themselves to the knife, or struggling with a tool of awkward proportions.

My sheaths are simple utilitarian affairs in kydex. I don’t grommet the holes because I like to be able to easily flex them open for cleaning simply by removing the clip. I usually drill 7/32″x0.5″-on-center holes for mini-Tek-lock clips.

The Kiradashi/Birudashi (name coined here!) are usually made in full size (4-hole) and small (3-hole). The new 3-hole dashi standard size fits in an Altoids tin. As of winter 2014/2015, I am investigating moving to waterjet blanking of these popular blades. This will allow me to upsize the holes a bit too.

The Table below needs to be updated (December 2014) to include the kiradashi. The Angler is ‘discontinued’, and the Mariner is under revision. The Necker didn’t really take off, and has been somewhat replaced by the various ‘dashi.

Summary Table (all measurements in inches). 3″ and 4″ blades are usually ~0.1″ shorter in reality to ensure conformity with local regulations. Favorite sizes are in bold

Model thickness@100% OAL@100% blade@100% @85% @115%
Hunter 1/8 7.2 3.0 2.55 3.45
Mariner 1/8 7.2 3.0 2.55 3.45
Hiker 1/8 7.6 3.4 2.85 4.0
Mountain 5/32 7.6 3.4 3.0 4.0(x3/16″)
Kiradashi 1/8 5″ 1.0 N/A N/A
Paring 3/32 7.6 3.4 N/A N/A

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