160mm Usuba in 1084, Ironwood, and G10

This is my first usuba, 160mm of very hard 3.175mm thick 1084 from “tip” to bolster, hand-finished bevels with a belt-finished urasaki back. Haft is desert ironwood with a 2×2 blue/black G10 bolster. A cavity in the handle is filled with epoxy colored with lapis powder that was hand-ground by my recently departed friend & long-time partner as part of another project.


150mm Kiritsuke in 154CM and Katalox

Next in the petty kitchen series, this 150mm kiritsuke in 2.6mm-thick mill-finish 154CM, with G10 bolster and katalox handle. This version of my maker’s mark may be a little large for this piece… I just ordered smaller ones in a fresh stencil. Hardness targeted at ~61.5Rc in keeping with the style. Sharpening it was fun! Edge is ~20d on the ground face with a ~10d microbevel on the back.