AuK4 hand-forged from coil spring

This AuK4 is a test piece for the steel from this big ol’ coil spring that came out of Avedis’s shop during the final clean-out. Makes a *fabulous* blade. Wish he could see it. Or Essie could. Or… *sigh*

Left a bit rugged, this is a 4.5″ blade with my new signature ~0.5″ choke-up ricasso and a hidden lanyard hold under the factory BK-62 scales it’s wearing for show & tell.

Birucandashi in AEB-L

Here’s another of my favorite EDC’s, same as I carry: a Birucandashi in AEB-L.
As craft beer has moved to cans, so has the Birudashi evolved a new sub-species optimized to match. The tapered tail neatly lifts a pop top, and also is effective on bottle caps using the lighter/lever method. For you bushcrafters, the sides of the bevel throw wicked sparks on a ferro rod.

AuK5 and AuK6 in AEB-L and 1084

6″ Kephart-style blade in 0.165″ thick quench-finish 1084, wearing Richlite scales. This heavier, extended-ricasso blade pushes into the Leuku territory while preserving a neutral balance and the spirit of the original.

The 5″ version in 1/8″ AEB-L is wearing factory Becker BK-62 scales for the moment. This is the best balance of blade and ricasso for a “standard-size” bushcraft blade.