Scheduled Hiatus

Hello Dear Readers,

Due to my new job I will be going on a knife-making hiatus for a little while. I hope to complete some more work in August. I’m definitely NOT shutting down, but instead have to scale back to accommodate the new schedule. Shop time will be on again/off again instead of slow and steady.

I’m down to only two heat-treated blades left in the drawer (if I finish ONE more handle!), and most other orders promised for a date are complete. Any paid-for blades are delivered, and I am holding no blades, steel, or funds for any customers.

There are a number of outstanding requests/orders for which I had told customers I had a 6-month wait. That will get longer, so you may wish to make other knife acquisition plans if you don’t like to wait. I will try to contact individuals as well. If you were on my list up until now, you’ll stay on. Please email or PM me on bladeforums if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to TALK knives all summer, but won’t be in the shop significantly for a number of weeks.

File Boning Knife

Things you oughtn’t do…

I had an old beat USA-made Nicholson file… so a few months back I threw it in the woodstove to anneal, and ground and heat-treated it. It’s been sitting around, and I decided to throw together this rough-finish knife before my upcoming hiatus.

It’s 3/32″ thick by 6″ long with old-growth white oak and a cocobolo bolster. Into the kitchen knife block!

Three ‘dashi

Three kiridashi (one birudashi) in 1084.
Hopeless Valley wanted to sandblast some, so we teamed up and shared around the work. The two larger ones have a textured finish which really holds the heat-treat scale nicely. It’s almost parkerized, and the transition to the bevels is really crisp.
Two more in the pipe.