Kiridashi in 154CM and leather

Left-side-ground microbevel kiridashi in ~0.135″ 154CM.
It has a heat-treat finish and a leather sheath (I’m no leather master, but it functions).
The edges are all beveled so as not to be uncomfortable in the hand. OAL is about 5″.
These are ‘quick finish’ tools, and are not highly finished. Wicked little utility knives. Someone on BF described them as “a pissed-off xacto knife.”

Birudashi – 154CM

I’m circling back to some of the simple-knives projects to get them off the bench.
Here’s a long overdue ‘birudashi’ in 1/8″ 154CM with just a heat-treat finish. I gave in and double-beveled (~25deg inclusive) it to make kydex possible for a sheath. The single-side ground versions just cut into the sheath badly no matter what games I play to prevent it. I’m still experimenting with the best way to sheath these things.