The AU-17 in 154CM and Factory Grivory

Ethan Becker’s BK-16 is a meditation in form-follows-function, and the Tweener handles are fantastic. I couldn’t help but try to put this new favorite blade shape on a BK-Tweener handle, and lemme tell ya, it feels pretty good! Also saved me quite a bit of time in handle and sheath work! I left the heat-treat finish on there because… well, why not? The factory ones are coated, so mine can be too. Also, lazier. 🙂

One of my first “knives”, and my final Beckerhead Application project, was the BK-2/3, a poorly but enthusiastically made scaled-down version of a BK-2 made from a file. This is… penance for that atrocity. :p

Ethan, thank you for the many years of inspiration!