Quarantine Knife Sale!

Quarantine sale!

Great selection of pieces available (so much for a summer show)! Be prepared for summer outings when we can outing again! Directions and details below the image:


  1. The original AuK5 in 1084 with curly koa scales (no sheath). This blade is VERY similar in dimensions to a BK-62. Slightly stronger at the edge, not overground at the spine, slightly more ricasso (i.e. any), and hidden lanyard hole. NO SHEATH. This blade will fit a BK-62 factory sheath, but may stretch it out a bit. Will fit a factory Becker Tweener(Short) nylon sheath perfectly. $220
  2. Harpoon Hunter Utility in AEB-L. Excellent all-around outdoors belt knife with a little attitude. SOLD
  3. The one and only AuK3 EDC in A2 with burlap scales in a new, molded-to-fit BHK leather sheath. $180
  4. One Birucandashi EDC in AEB-L. If you work in retail or a stockroom, and drink beer (not on the job presumably), you need this. $90


If you are interested and want to be on the list for one of these blades or have questions about details, please email me: ethan at goldknifeworks dot com, DM me on Instagram(@goldknifeworks), or PM me on bladeforums(@daizee).

10% discount for First Responders and Active Medical Professionals!
10% discount extended to all ‘deemed-essential’ personnel who are out there facing the public! I’m looking at you, food chain heros and deliverators!
Add $5 for insured CONUS shipping (about half actual cost).
18 years or older only, of course. I will request to see ID if in doubt.

Sales generally go right back into the materials and shop expenses, which includes ordering supplies from other small businesses in the industry.