Quench-Finish Harpoon Survival Knife in 1084

This knife was a collaborative effort with my 17yo cousin, who picked the pattern and assisted in profiling and heat-treating over the holidays, for his 18th birthday present. 5.125″ harpoon blade, as-quenched, fully hardened halfway down the tang, then differentially tempered for a super-tough blade, with an edge at ~60HRc. Bolster is brass from the E/V Nautilus original rudder bearing assembly, replaced in 2013.


Compact belt utility knife in 154CM and stabilized maple

3" blade of 0.110" 154CM, 4" handle of stabilized, dyed, spalted maple.
This knife was made for a small-handed hardcore hiker in need of a reliable blade that will be used most frequently for trail food, but with a bit more capability just in case.

Simple, reliable, low-maintenance.