Pair of Birudashi

Here are a couple interesting #birudashi just off the bench: one new prototype Birucandashi in AEB-L, and one hand-forged “traditional” Mini-birudashi from a small slice of an E/V Nautilus rudder bearing. The Birucandashi is fully tapered for lifting can pop-tabs like a bartender’s tool, and can open bottles with the lighter/lever technique. Why not simply taper the traditional cap-lifter? Because it would shred your pocket and be an injury risk! Looks like i have some “testing” ahead of me. 😃

Rudder Bearing Rigging Knife #2

This knife is made almost entirely from E/V Nautilus discarded parts from the old rudder bearing assembly. The micarta is from some sort of bushing, the bolster is part of the cage that held the roller bearings, and the blade is from a bearing itself. Amazingly, the micarta polished out to the same color as the old upholstery on the benches in aft science berthing!


Rudder Bearing Rigging Knife #1

This test piece represents a significant milestone: The first full-size knife made from the Nautilus Rudder Bearings. The 3.5″ blade is a half-tang with a G10 frame and Deep Sea (dark) Stabilized Mermaid Hair(tm) scales on its shark-tail profile handle, which are made from leftover disposable oceanographic instrument wire (XCTD, in this case). Lots learned about integrating these new materials. More to come!