2nd Au-Kephart (4s) in 1084

This variation is the AuK4s in burly 0.165″ 1084 with tapered tang, which is shortened to 4-5/8″ of blade, slimmed a bit in the handle, plunge pushed forward for extra grip area ahead of the guard waddle, and has the same hidden lanyard hole.

This one is sporting simple contour rebated zebrawood scales, though I’ll likely replace them with aftermarket scales when available for the BK-62 pattern (minor modification will be required).

Shown with its cousin:

1st Au-Kephart in 1084

The first Au-Kephart wearing its @beckerknifeandtool #bk62 cousin’s scales (pictured nekkid above!). This is 1084 at 59-60Rc, heat-treat finish, hardened 1/3 up the tang. It came out a touch thicker than the model, but same overall geometry and balance. With hidden lanyard hole. Very pleasing heft. Possible modifications for the next version include making the handle sliiiighly less tall and reducing blade length by 0.75-1.0″ for better tip access and control. 1084? A2? AEB-L?

Update: curly koa scales added!