scrap knife in stages

The snow storm put a kink in my knife making plans, so I finished up this scrap knife instead (same as the bolster-fitting below). Here it is below in stop-motion. Once it has some tru-oil on top of the BLO and there is daylight for a good picture, I’ll post another view.

This one is ~0.135″ 1084 with a medium belt finish under the quench surface.
3/8″ maroon linen micarta and curly maple for the handle.

There it is at the top, profiled but unground:

Ground and cooked, fresh out of the oil:

Fitting a scrap of micarta as a bolster:

Fit with a handle block:


Glued and trimmed with some guide lines:

Rough-shaped on the disc sander:

finish sanding by hand, plus edge and some BLO on the handle:

An over-exposed update. Too much light on the handle, but you can see the nice rich color of the bolster: