Guarded Hunter in S35VN and Micarta

A guarded version of my Hiker model in S35VN and linen micarta/G10.
~3.4″ blade, 4.25″ handle, 400 grit finish.


Original Hiker Rescue

This is the original 100% Hiker with a new handle. It was a year-1 knife, and although so much of it was right (first blade to actually split hair!), I over-tapered the front of the scales, which made it nearly unusable. Here it is with new G10 scales in my current simple-is-better contour. I fixed a couple other rookie issues in the process, but then managed to goof up the middle hole in the scales! The nested tube/pin in the center is a reminder that you can only revise history so far…
Anyway, all it needs now is a sheath so I can take it out and get it dirty.

4.25″ handle, black/orange G10
3.4″ blade of 1/8″ A2 @1000 grit

A Matched Pair

Here is a matched pair of blades.


100% Hiker: 1/8″ A2, 3.4″ blade, 3/16″ brass pins
Paring Knife: 3/32″ A2, 3.4″ blade, 1/8″ brass pins

Handles are black linen micarta over emerald green dymondwood – the only attractive green I could find, but it was gonna look funky as an entire handle.

A year ago I tried to design a paring knife and ended up with the Hiker. Then I scaled the drawing from spine-to-edge to get what I was after, so these are indeed related quite closely.