camp knife in A2 and bushcraft sheath

The first of the big 5″ outdoors knives.
I call this one the “Misty Mountain 5″, but this is not a catalog item… Gotta log the pix somewhere to keep track of ’em, so here they are:
5″x1.5″ blade, 5/32” A2, natural/brownish canvas micarta, kydex and leather ambidextrous bushcraft drop-loop sheath.

(pix were before edge, but it’s sharp now, lemme tell ya)

Knife Night

Another evening at Rock’n’Roll Knife & Tool.
I ground a blade and Hans machined a dished aluminum disc on the lathe for a mountain bike suspension. Rick worked on a cocobolo handle at the grinder.

blade and disc:

Rick at the grinder:

and I cut something else out: