Family of Kepharts

A couple of these didn’t get posts of their own post when completed, so here’s a family shot of the AuK Keparts minus the AuK6 which is off for review/passaround.

From left to right:

  1. AuK3 in A2 and burlap 710 mycarta
  2. AuK4s in AEB-L and natural KaBar micarta
  3. AuK4 in forged coil spring and dyed KaBar micarta
  4. AuK5 in AEB-L and azobe
  5. AuK5 in forged coil spring and natural KaBar micarta
  6. AuK5 in 1084 and natural koa

Cliphart in 1084 and micarta

Consigned @ureoutfitters ($225, I believe)

If you research the apocryphal bushcraft legends, you learn that Kephart had a lesser-known brother. This brother had some unresolved anger issues. A Cain to Horace’s Abel, if you will. Well, this brother couldn’t leave a good thing alone, and while he could not argue with the sheer utility of his brother’s famous, peaceful knife… well… some stories are better told in pictures… Meet the #Cliphart! Derived from the AuK4, this piece has exactly the same geometries as its classic sibling, including the extended ricasso and hidden lanyard hole, but with a somewhat sleeker nose. Wearing dyed BK-62 accessory scales from Ka-Bar:

~4.675″ of 0.125″ thick 1084 with a quench finish at 60-61Rc.