Surfboard workshop kiradashi

Jason has been flogging one of my early kiradashi in his workshop, most recently doing glass and epoxy work. It’s been going strong since we got the edge angle dialed in for his work:


Matched pair of kitchen knives in 154CM and micarta

This is a commissioned set of kitchen knives. The request was for a ~5″ petty, tending toward santoku. The result is this matched pair in 0.100″ 154CM, micarta, and G10. Grinds are western double-sided FFG. The paring knife is my usual paring blade pattern rendered as a hidden tang.

The petty is a 6″ blade, and the paring knife about 3.5″. Both are hand-rubbed 600x with 1000x on the crowned spines. These blades feature my new mark (“Gold Knifeworks”). These have yet to be sharpened, obviously.