Gold Knifeworks (formerly “Crosstown Outdoors”) is the name under which I will be labeling my line of knives. The “Au” and “Au USA” logos and their variations are my trademark, designed by David Shepherd, which I began using in August, 2015. “Au” is the symbol for gold, my last name, from the periodic table of elements.

Currently nearly all my knives are made 100% by me, by hand, in the USA, using stock removal methods. Some kiradashi blanks Have been cut by waterjet, and more may be in the future. I have learned knife-making under a friend, whom I’ll refer to as “Rock’n’Roll Knife & Tool” or “Mr. M.” until he decides to publish his own work. We meet regularly, and I sometimes perform certain operations on his larger equipment. We heat-treat using electric kiln and propane forge/oil methods as appropriate.

Currently I will only be making my own designs for sale, or modest variations thereof.

Contact me if you are interested in my knives. I am doing this in my elusive spare time, so the production rate is modest.

Contact me via PM to Daizee on bladeforums.com or @goldknifeworks on Instagram

Thanks for looking.


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