a study in handles

For a brief moment, all three full-size Mountain Knives are here in one place.

The top-most is my personal knife, 110% size. The black-handled one is 115%, and the green also 115%.

The maroon one is different in several respects, but the other pattern is actually my favorite.

Handle material comes spec’d often at 1/4″ or 3/8″, but sometimes is oversize. Oddly, the green handled knife is the slimmest by about 0.075″. I found I like the simple straight smoothing shape the best. The ergo contouring is hit or miss on this handle profile, as on the maroon knife. However it’s a great *thickness* at 0.8″. The black handle is a full 0.9″ thick – very hand-filling and comfortable. I prefer a bit things a bit more slim and slightly lighter.

My personal ideal would be the thickness of the maroon with the contour of the green. Obviously this varies by hand… The green knife is a couple steps short of completion – full post on it when it’s ready.


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