110% Mountain Knife in O1 and linen micarta

Here is the first full-size ‘Mountain’ knife.
This is intended to be my ‘off into the mountains for a month’ belt knife.
From the start, this pattern was planned to be in 3/16″ at 115% scale of the original drawing.
This first-finished large version is 110% with a slightly straightened spine.

3/16″ O1, oven soaked, oil quenched
3.8″ high flat ground blade, 8.4″ OAL
spine jimping between the handle and the drop
gently rounded spine forward of the drop where the grind meets the spine
burgundy linen micarta with 3/16″ brass pins
The choil was cut with a 1/4″ file to fit a 1/4″ ferro rod – not sure how that will work out yet.
600grit hand-rubbed finish all around

with it’s 85% 3″ cousin (full spine curve):

One thought on “110% Mountain Knife in O1 and linen micarta

  1. Eldon coats November 26, 2015 / 4:46 am

    Awesome knives , I also make custom knives and know what go’s into them. I like the fact that you use a lot of different handle materials, and steels. your hand rubbed satin finish looks great as well as your Kydex sheaths.. thanks for sharing , God bless… Eldon coats, coats custom Knives…


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